Stephen Brackett
September 5, 2019

Youth on Record Hires Flobots’ “Brer Rabbit,” aka, Stephen Brackett, as Director of Special Programs

Youth on Record is excited to announce that Stephen Brackett has officially joined their staff, rounding-out their exceptional team of eight full-time and two part-time employees – most of whom, like Brackett, are professional musicians. Brackett served on YOR’s Board of Directors since the...
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FEMpowered Mixtape Vol. 1
September 3, 2019

FEMpowered Mixtape Vol. 1 - now available on Bandcamp!

Check out the FEMpowered Mixtape Vol. 1 - now available on Bandcamp! This collaborative project is the final product of a summer long deep dive into writing, recording and releasing music professionally. The participants of FEMpowered wrote new songs, collaborated with each other and collectively...
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Eli Lynch
August 23, 2019

Human #1 vs Human #2 part 2

As you may, or may not have guessed, Human #1 is Tupac Shakur. Human #2: Tupac Shakur As you may, or may not have guessed, Human #2 is also Tupac Shakur. This has, in fact been, a tale of 2 Pacs—all of the information presented in both versions of his story is true. I imagine that you have heard of...
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Human #1
August 20, 2019

Human #1 vs Human #2 part 1

I’d like to tell you the 2 true tales of humans who lived in a similar place and time. For now, we’ll simply call them ‘Human #1’ and ‘Human #2.’ Or, #HumanONE & #HumanTWO if you prefer. Human #1 was born in Harlem, NY, and later moved to Baltimore, MD with his mother. began his artistic training...
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Mixed Meadows
August 16, 2019

Youth on Record Fellowship Showcase at Denver Art Society, First Friday in September

Denver Art Society 734 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204 September 6, 2019, 6-8PM Eight fellows from Cohort 3 have completed the Youth on Record fellowship program, and are competing for awards ranging from $1000 to $2000 to put towards their creative projects and dreams. Their creativity will be on...
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Music Videos
August 7, 2019

The Art of The Music Video

This past academic year, I got the opportunity to participate in a pilot program called Side by Side Teaching. The concept is to pair a Denver Public School Educator with a Youth on Record Teaching Artist and co-teach a class. Through this program we learn our individual strengths as educators and...
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The 5th Annual Youth on Record Block Party
May 24, 2019

The 5th Annual Youth on Record Block Party

The 5th Annual Youth on Record Block Party Youth on Record's Block Party and Community Celebration will bring together close to 1,000 community members for a day-long outdoor mini-festival. This free event is a Youth-led and Youth-designed event. Join us June 1st, 2019 at Youth on Record from 11:00...
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itchy-O in performance
April 29, 2019

Platinum Ambassador Profile: itchy-O

Insight into the power of collective performance, anonymity and what to expect from the annual May 4 Sci-Fi Bash. (left photo: Studio Apocalypse) Denver-based itchy-O are an enigma. More of an experience than a “show,” the 50+ member ensemble dissolves the barrier between audience and performer in...
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Youth on Record Fellows 2019-2020 with Molina Speaks and Brent Adams, Director of Programs
April 12, 2019

Youth on Record Fellowship Program: Cohort Three Off and Running

Youth on Record’s third class of Fellows brings new dimensions to the program. Cohorts one and two were predominantly male, and their musical and artistic interests revolved around rap and hip-hop. This new cohort brings gender diversity and a wide range of arts and aesthetics. Musically, there are...
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