Here are a few things that Youth on Record needs to continue to grow and strengthen our programs.

Please contact if you are interested in donating something from our wish list.

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If you would like to purchase something and have it shipped to Youth on Record, our address is 1301 W. 10th Ave. Denver, CO 80204. Please email to let her know to keep an eye out for it.


Jesus and student

We serve 3,000 young people a year, so every donation helps!

General Supplies (Updated as of 6.22.2023)

8GB USB Flash Drives - 50 Pack (10 of these needed) - COMPLETE - SHOUT OUT TO KAYLEY  WITH DSD BUSINESS SYSTEMS!!!

(2) 10 pack of Acoustic Guitar Strings

(2) 10 pack of Electric Guitar Strings

(1)12-string Alvarez Guitar

(1) Left-Handed Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

(2) Elixer Bass Strings


(4) Hercules Mic Stands

(2) Hercules Guitar Stands

(4) Focusrite Scarlet 2i2

(1) Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface

(1) Microkorg Synthesizer

(1) Behringer Synthesizer (TD-3-BU)

(5) Pocket Operators

(6) Native Komplete interface

Tracking room

(2) Shure SM 7B - COMPLETE - Thank you, Kevyn Dolan!

(4) Shure SM 58 - COMPLETE - Thank you, Kevyn Dolan!

(2) AKG Perception 120  - COMPLETE - Thank you, Kevyn Dolan!

(2) Audio Technicat AT8035 Shotgun Mic

(4) Snark Guitar Tuner

(2) Guitar Keeper Bundle with 5 Guitar Hangers

(1) Board Snake Cable, 50-Feet

(2) Steel Tongue Drum 14 Inches

Control room

Izotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced (1 needed)

Soundtoy plugin bundle (1 needed)

Waves Mercury bundle (1 needed)

Open Lab - Fellowship

  • Healthy Snacks (50-100 items per/month)
  • Fruits - Apples and Oranges
  • Granola Bars
  • Individual Trail Mix
  • Healthy Bars
  • Healthy Chips
  • Branded YOR water bottles (please email if you are interested in contributing to these)