July 27, 2022

Re-Imagining the Green Room: Introducing the UMS Artist Care Lounge

We want artists in our community to be healthy – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

And this effort starts in the green room. 

To provide access to rest, resources, and community, we're re-imagining what a green room experience ought to look like! The UMS Artist Care Lounge is (we hope!) the greatest greenroom artists have ever been to.

The Artist Care Lounge at UMS 2022 has some intentional quirks:
- The space is substance-free and stocked with mocktails, water, coffee, tea, and snacks.
- There are routinely scheduled programs for relaxation and wellness including tai chi, acudetox, and mental health discussions. 
- There are quiet moments in the space intended for decompression and rest. 

This space has been carefully designed to help artists regulate before and after performances, convene with other artists, take a break or breather, and surround themselves with care and good vibes.

We hope artists love it. And we hope they're feeling their best because of it! 

Special thanks to Chaos Bloom Theater for hosting the Artist Care Lounge, and to  Capital OneDenver Arts & Venues, Hydrate IV BarIndie 102.3, Liquid Death, RUNA Tea, Suja JuiceVinyl Me, Please, and Wellpower for their generous support!