FEMpowered. is a Free program for ages 14-20

FEMpowered is a music club for young women who have an interest in learning about and making music. FEMpowered meets for three hours, twice a month, to help hone individual artistic abilities, develop group collaborative pieces and learn new skills relevant to the creative industries.

The Fellowship is a Free program for ages 18-24

The Youth on Record Fellowship program is an intensive and comprehensive 10-month program that is designed to bridge the gap between high school and either post-secondary school or a career. Each month, YOR Fellows participate in personal, professional and artistic development programming, designed to help them set and achieve goals for their next stage of life. 

Episode 7: Dan Aid of Authority Zero, & Showtime’s SMILF: On punk, pop, accidents, triumph, and pink bunnies.
Episode 7: Dan Aid of Authority Zero, & Showtime’s SMILF: On punk, pop, accidents, triumph, and pink bunnies.
My Youth on Record

My Youth on Record (MYOR) is a podcast where artists share the music they created as teens, and the stories behind the songs.

Broadcast from Youth on Record, a Colorado-based nonprofit that empowers youth to find their voice and value through music, MYOR interviews include early recordings from our musical guests, and conversations about the past, the present, and the future of music for all generations.

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MIC Class
MIC Class

Youth on Record has officially launched our Musicians in Community training.

This program will train musicians statewide to serve as guest and teaching artists in schools and youth facilities throughout Colorado. Musicians will be prepared to lead and instruct in classrooms and community settings, including libraries, community organizations, and facilities for sensitive populations. 

The training will prepare Colorado musicians to:

  • Develop a setlist of personal experiences and strategic song selection
  • Tailor content for different age groups
  • Coordinate with teachers on how to enrich existing curricula
  • Set their rates for appearances and enrichment offerings

This training is designed and facilitated by our Director of Special Programs, Stephen Brackett


"I feel prepared to present a workshop based on this training"

"I feel equipped with the tools necessary to design a successful workshop"

"There was space for me to share my experience and expertise"

"Training was relevant to my needs"

"I enjoyed my experience in MIC Class"

"Content was well organized"

Ozomatli records at Youth on Record
YOR Sessions

Y.O.R. Sessions brings together emerging, national, global, & local musicians to record in Youth on Record's (YOR) state-of-the-art recording studio while providing a teaching opportunity to our students.