February 14, 2018



The Music Ambassador program showcases how artists contribute to YOR

DENVER, CO, February 14th, 2018 -- Youth on Record (YOR) launched their Music Ambassador program at the beginning of 2018. Their goal is to have 100 dedicated artists contributing to their organization financially by the end of the year.

“Our Music Ambassador program was created to showcase how artists and musicians support Youth on Record in every area of the organization. We are excited to announce a few new categories and opportunities for individuals and bands to get involved. How exciting would it be if we could say 10% of our funds come from the music community? That is our goal with this program.” Andrea Viarrial-Murphy/Director of Visibility and Operations

Youth on Record is looking for artists and musicians who care about music education and providing access to young people in Denver. By signing up as a Music Ambassador, artists will help YOR continue to reach more youth each year with their support. “Every dollar will continue to fuel our programs while building a strong foundation of financial support from the music community.” Andrea Viarrial-Murphy/Director of Visibility and Operations

YOR is announcing a few artists who have already signed on to the Contributing Artists section of the program. Big Gigantic came on last year and has filled the first spot in the Multi-Platinum level. The Multi-Platinum level is a gift of $10,000 or more. The Motet, RDGLDGRN, The Hollow, HR People, and Viretta, have all signed on for the Platinum Level. The Platinum level contributes both financially and with visibility. It can be as easy as adding $1 per ticket to your show.

The 6 Categories showcase how Youth on Record thrives with the involvement and support of professional working artists, both locally and nationally.  The two categories YOR is looking to grow this year is their Sessions Artists and Contributing Artists.

Sessions Artists: Y.O.R. Sessions brings together emerging, national, global, & local musicians to record in Youth on Record's (YOR) state-of-the-art recording studio while providing a teaching opportunity to our students. Sign up here

Contributing Artists: Our Contributing artists contribute to Youth on Record in a vital way. These artists, musicians and bands not only help spread the word about our mission and the work we are doing, but they are financially supporting us through their time and talent. Sign up here

For further information, contact:

Andrea Viarrial-Murphy - 720.620.0790 - Andrea@YouthonRecord.org