November 14, 2022

Listen: Powerful Student Projects from the YOR Classroom!

This school year, Youth on Record’s Teaching Artists are instructing in classrooms at nine different schools, supporting thousands of students each week. YOR’s classes are taught entirely by local, community musicians and music educators who are  teaching and learning together to improve student success.

Our current class offering includes Music Production, Music Appreciation, Songwriting, Identity, Power, and Poetry and Identity, Power, & Music. 

Identity Power and Music is a course that develops students' socio-political consciousness in their connections to local and national history through the lens of music. Students focus on social justice, social change, and music as historical data. 

Teaching Artist Avery Jacob is one of our incredible instructors who is teaching Identity Power and Music to Denver students. 

Avery has been performing since 2017, playing at venues all over the Denver, Colorado area. His music is differentiated by his fusion of hip hop and rock featuring African tribal elements. He hails from Aurora, Colorado and graduated from Aurora Central High school in 2009. He then received a scholarship to Casper College in Wyoming but turned it down to pursue music. After spending time in his birthplace of Georgia (Savannah by way of Atlanta) he enlisted in the Army in 2013 taking him all around the world from Korea, to Kuwait to Hawaii. When he returned from the military in 2017, Avery felt a calling to delve back into his music. Since then, Avery has worked on multiple projects, pushing the boundaries on genre with his unique combination of sounds.

Last school year (2021-2022), Avery’s students produced many amazing songs, but he selected a few to share with you and we’re excited for you to listen to these phenomenal projects created by Denver’s talented young creatives. 

CLICK HERE to listen to Blue Water by Timothee Newbins

CLICK HERE to listen to Yellow’way by Tidavius Carter

CLICK HERE to listen to Discombobulated Emotions was produced by Aviyonna Bohannan.


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