September 10, 2020

Learnings From Music, Theatre and Comedy: Storytelling That Radically and Responsibly Disrupts Business as Usual

Youth on Record joined Denver Startup Week on Monday, September 14, 2020 from 11am-12pm MT.


PART ONE: An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Edwina Maben


Music isn't always a party but it can be (and should be) a storytelling tool that reveals personal, cultural, and historic truths. Join Youth on Record's Executive Director Jami Duffy for an interview with former student, and now singer-songwriter Edwina Maben about the power of storytelling, activist songwriting, and why art and music play a critical role in telling the most authentic, raw, vulnerable, and powerful stories of our time.


PART TWO: A Panel Discussion with Phamaly Theatre Company

Our current human moment is filled with a propensity towards fear; leading to distrust. Stagnation. Regression. How can we use stories to move from a collective mentality of deficit to abundance? From fixed identity to growth identity? From isolation to community? Join disabled artists from Phamaly Theatre Company as they share their own experiences of upending stale, fear-based narratives about the disability identity, and illustrate strategies for cultivating innovative narratives that crush fear and uplift authenticity and badassery.


PART THREE: A Workshop with Business Artist & Comedian Linda Klien

Narrative is key infrastructure that turns businesses into experiences. These experiences create connections and connections drive behavior. Strong stories compel us to participate and affiliate. It is the difference between a being a vessel for experience and being the experience. Join Linda as she assists participants in combining the knowledge they’ve gained in this session with their business goals to explore how storytelling adds value that goes beyond the bottom line.



  • Youth on Record empowers Colorado’s underserved youth to achieve their academic, artistic, and personal best by employing local, professional artists as their educators.
  • Phamaly Theatre Company's mission is to be a creative home for theatre artists with disabilities; to model a disability-affirmative theatrical process; and to upend conventional narratives by transforming individuals, audiences, and the world.
  • Linda Klein is one of the many business artist who push-started what is now Denver's exploding immersive arts movement. She has sought-after expertise in comedy entertainment, experience design and project midwifery.


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