Ringo Joon

Podcast Intern

Joined January 1, 2024

ringo joon

Ringo Joon is a CU Boulder senior focusing on creative direction and sound design. He has around 5 years of experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and Ableton Live. In 2021, Ringo released his first single on Spotify and since then has put out two EP’s. Along with his personal pursuits, he plays synthesizer in the band Lefty in Michigan, as well as Sneaki Bandit and the Scavengers in Colorado. Ringo got his musical start playing classical piano around the age of 7. As he graduated high school, he started to get into software synthesizers which led to his first analog synth. Since then he has collected a number of rare vintage synths in an attempt to capture the true analog sound. Besides music, Ringo works with a non-profit called the SAW Project to share information about non-custodial sentencing programs around the world. His professional interests include branding, music production, and creative storytelling. Ringo currently lives in Boulder, CO with his cat Juno.