Director of Visibility and Operations

Andrea Viarrial-Murphy

Andrea brings nearly 18 years of experience in in the nonprofit sector, having focused on youth development, mentoring, volunteer management, special events, marketing and fundraising. She also brings 10+ years in marketing and project management. She believes in building strategic partnerships and working together creatively. 

Andrea brings creativity to her position and thinks outside of the box. She has a love for local music and music in general. In 2018 she launched the Music Ambassador program for Youth on Record. She truly believes that every single person can make a difference whether it's time, talent or $10 to give. 

Andrea was recently appointed to the Denver Music Advisory Panel through Denver Arts and Venues.

Prior to joining the Youth on Record staff, Andrea served as a Board Member from 2010-2011 and as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors from 2011-2013. Andrea has been involved in the local music scene for 20 years from a Fan, to booking/promoting shows, marketing/PR, music festivals and more.  

"Don't forget how to laugh outloud and be proud of yourself, in all you do, it's right for you!" - MXPX