April 26, 2023

Youth on Record Releases New Youth-Led, Youth-Produced Podcast: Youth on Rewind

Youth on Rewind is a new podcast from Youth on Record (YOR) which will amplify the voices, stories, and ideas of young storytellers. The show will feature an array of youth produced stories, interviews, poetry, music, and other audio art guided by the creative visions of paid podcasting interns. 

An episode of Youth on Rewind will be released each month beginning in May 2023. The first episode takes a nuanced approach to mental health and wellness. It was produced by former intern and current YOR Fellow, Sydney Yllanes, with supplemental pieces produced by former interns Tierney Worthen and Genevieve Glimp. The episode asks college students, “What does mental health mean to you?" and investigates the daily inner conflicts that someone who lives with depression may experience, and highlights what it’s like to live with OCD.

The second episode of the show, which will be released in June 2023, was produced by former intern and recent University of Colorado, Denver graduate Sreeja Chakrabarty. This episode will examine the dynamic of “art versus the artist.” Chakrabarty speaks with local musicians and artists about how to navigate their own creative processes with nuance and intentionality.

“The Youth on Record Podcasting Internship has been amazing,” podcasting intern and MSU senior Xavier Gauthier said. “Although our team came in with different skill sets, we've all been able to grow in other areas with each other’s help. David and the rest of the YOR team have also been such a big help in broadening our skills so that we're ready to thrive in our respective fields.”

Youth on Record's podcast programs are intended to prepare young creatives for work in the growing podcast and audio arts industry. The program has gained national attention with students featured on NPR’s Here and Now last spring after submitting short essays the students wrote and recorded during their internship.

Youth on Record’s Youth Success Manager David Ladon is the executive producer of Youth on Rewind and supports all podcast interns as they learn the professional skills required to thrive in the audio arts and entertainment industry. Other podcasts released by the program have included the Official Underground Music Showcase Podcast, Underground and the Showcase and a podcast produced in collaboration with Colorado Young Leaders, Generation Collaboration

“Youth on Rewind offers listeners a sample of the compelling work our podcasting interns have produced,” Ladon said. “Conversations about representation in the media often overlook youth perspectives, or lack thereof. We are excited to be carving out space for youth voices to shine in Colorado’s robust independent media ecosystem.”

You can find this podcast on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.