November 1, 2018

Trauma-Informed Music Education

Trauma-Informed Music Education:

Why and how to create a trauma-informed classroom

Professional Development Session One: Thursday, September 20th, 2018

We asked Teaching Artist Mona Magno to share her feedback on the first PDU that Youth on Record offered, here is what she took away from the first training.

"Our first professional development focused on Trauma Informed Music Education which in my opinion was a great topic to start with when approaching informed educational practices. One of my biggest takeaways from this session is the realization that everyday my students are navigating through past experiences that can affect the way they show up to school. Trauma is an unexpected experience that negatively affects the brain and can lead to health issues later in life but most relevantly can restrain our students from succeeding in school and life. Reflecting on the materials presented in this session I can see my own misunderstanding of my students. In the past it has been easy to blame my students for their bad behavior or disengagement. When thinking that my students are deliberately choosing to reject the classwork or class culture, I would turn to questioning myself as an educator. I now know that the students who are disengaged or disruptive are most likely dealing with past trauma. With this information my approach has completely changed. Instead of feeling hurt and defensive, I feel an immense amount of compassion. I understand that the way I receive their behavior can have a huge impact on the way they process through their trauma. The information shared in this session has been a great resource moving forward as a teacher.

During the session it became apparent that all of us as educators had experienced some form of trauma, which was inspiring because it was proof that our students can rise above their struggles and thrive. I want to help accelerate my students journey of self empowerment so that they too can choose to fulfill their dreams. Before, during and after this session I felt very supported with materials to insure my understanding of trauma and I am excited for our next session."