September 17, 2019

Meet Teaching Artist, Michelle Rocqet

Michelle Rocqet is a Teaching Artist with Youth on Record, a member of Denver-based band The Milk Blossoms, and holds a B.S. in Music with a double emphasis in Commercial Vocal Performance and Recording Arts from CU Denver. 

Michelle Rocqet by Stephanie Mathena
photo by Stephanie Mathena


Who has had a big impact on you becoming a musician?

Since I was little, I have seen singers perform grand magic tricks. They changed the air in an entire room with a single hand movement, broken everyone’s heart with a single note and then mended it back together by the end of the phrase. I didn’t know that sort of power could exist in such a small detail, but then I realized it’s entirely about those small details. Power is not about attention as much as it about intellectual nuance and connection. 


How do you balance musical and non-musical life?

It’s been blending more and more these days but generally I have to constantly re-investigate my priorities and ensure that the things at the top of that list are leading me to authentic fulfillment. I think about how I want to feel more often than what I want to do. Self-awareness is never really achieved; it’s eternally ongoing. But this allows the multiple sectors of my life to function in harmony and allow me the space to grow towards whatever light I’m looking for at that time. 


Are there any other art forms that you draw inspiration from?

I find inspiration from all kinds of art forms. The visceral story telling of theatre, the empathic movements of dance, the paradigm shifts in visual art, the emotional campaigns in poetry...all of it. Someone once told me that Art is the quality of something and not the object itself, and that is wisdom I carry with me throughout my daily life. 


If you had any advice for your younger self what would it be?

Dream bigger...way, wayyy bigger. Your body is perfect. Stop trying to anticipate every move! Be chill little Shell. 


Any advice for the next generation of artists?

Confront your shadow self with tenderness and patience. Set boundaries! If you are waiting for other people to validate you, you will wait forever. Tell yourself the truth. 

I am so excited to see what you do.