Kalyn Heffernan

Interview Date: January 14, 2019

Episode 5: Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp: On hip-hop, pranking hospitals, and chaos.

Description: We spoke with the amazingly rebellious and talented Kalyn Heffernan, frontwoman and creator of the indy political hip-hop jazzy funk ensemble, Wheelchair Sports Camp. Kalyn is a natural comedian, artist, activist, and teacher. An avid storyteller, Kalyn gives us her take on growing up with hip hop, and her early life as a queer rapper. She challenges the able-bodied community to examine their privilege. Just how accessible (or inaccessible) are our schools, our communities, and the music industry? Kalyn knows first hand.

Episode 6: Part Two with Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp: On self care, legos, and finding her community.

Description: We’re back with the forever funky, always entertaining Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp. We didn’t want our conversation with Kalyn to end, and in part two of our interview we learn about her teenage life, and about how music and activism have worked to heal this Colorado legend.


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