Molina Speaks

Partner Artist

Molina Speaks is an Artist of the people and for the people. Molina hails from a small gritty working class town you might think of as “nowhere.” He proves there is Soul everywhere. Molina balances humble roots and urban grit, street smarts and cultural knowledge, lyrical skills and philosophy. Speaks is a Writer, Poet, Playwright, Emcee, Performance Artist and Recording Artist. He is a Chicano/Latino/Indigenous/Mestizo Futurist, a live poetic scribe, a professor of cultural and media studies, a publisher, producer, community educator, and all around human bridge. Molina Speaks advocates for the voices, stories, and power of youth and communities of color.

Molina has released 16 independent DIY albums under various artist names. During this time he has shared the stage with many big names, all of whom take a back seat to his communities, young audiences, and collaborating artists. Molina has performed at hundreds of events nationwide. These appearances include festivals, universities, music venues and lounges, cultural gatherings, community centers, alternative schools, elementary schools, youth jails and treatment centers. Molina Speaks is not a pop artist. He challenges us to be, see, think, feel, speak, and act on our truths, creativity, convictions, fantasies and dreams. Every presentation and performance is unique to the time and space in which it is experienced.  

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