Michael Bracy

Senior Advisor

Joined October 8, 2022

michael bracy

Bracy Tucker Brown partner and Co-CEO Michael Bracy is a nationally recognized expert on issues ranging from telecommunications and media to energy assistance to the future of the creative industries. Working extensively in the non-profit, educational and public sectors, he identifies and advocates for policies that lead to stronger, more equitable and more resilient creative ecosystems. Throughout his 20+ years at Bracy Tucker Brown, Michael has been an advocate, innovator and connector, co-founding leading non-profits (including the Future of Music Coalition, Media and Democracy Coalition and Music Policy Forum) and advising and representing public and non-profit organizations including NPR, American Ballet Theatre, International Documentary Association, NEA, Colorado Creative Industries, Youth on Record and many others. He was the lead consultant on the initial Colorado Music Strategy in 2015; wrote the Albuquerque Music Strategy in 2017;  was an instrumental advisor to the establishment of the Chicago Independent Venue League and was recruited to lead a session on the role of Economic Impact Studies in local venue advocacy at the recent NIVA national conference. Michael also serves as Adjunct Lecturer at Georgetown University, where he teaches the Music Industry Seminar.