The Hg Collective

Total Raised to Date: $120

Joined July 13, 2020

Why Support YOR 

The Hg Collective was formed out of the desire to be different from traditional bands. We wanted to break the traditional barriers that prohibit and plague many bands from succeeding. By establishing a philosophy that supports each member equally, we hope that this will eliminate the bad ego and allow for the creation of great music! Similarly, with this philosophy in mind, we would like to be able to give back to our community financially and help the youth of our city to be compassionate learners and continue to carry these tenets through life.

About the Band

A musician's collective bent on exploring many genres. Fostering a family that supports all its members.

YOR Support


100% of proceeds from Rikki Tikkiness


  • table at a show
  • invite a student to perform
  • call to action from stage
  • shout out from stage
  • social media love 

Upcoming Shows 

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