Total Raised to Date: $600

Joined March 7, 2018

Why support YOR?

This is seriously one of the best programs to uplift our youth that we can imagine. The leadership and Mission of YOR is spot on. We feel that YOR is an integral piece of the Colorado Music Scene and will continue to influence and support Musicians for years to come. we are excited and inspired to be a part of this program.

Flahoola will grab you and make you become the tight groove they are laying down. Infectious, Loud, and Addicting. Your New Favorite Band.

YOR Support

  • % of ticket sales from a show
  • % of merch from a show
  • provide a table for YOR at a show
  • Invite a student to perform
  • Call to action with Text to Give
  • Shout out from Stage
  • Social Media Love