Partner Artist

Christian Dooley is a music producer with a deep passion for the immersive experience of sound and the visual arts. Through seven years of production under his artist name “Dooley”, he has released two albums, multiple EP’s, singles, collaborations, and DJ mixes throughout his . With his experimental approach to beat making and mind bending sound design, he has demonstrated the ability to hit a wide range of styles with a unique take on hip hop and freeform bass music. 

In 2017 Dooley came into YOR looking to share some of his first beats and meet other artists to collaborate with. Little did he know that was the beginning of his adventure towards breaking out of his creative shell, working as a vocal engineer, and learning how to tap into his authentic process of expression.  

In 2022 Dooley was able to perform his original music throughout Denver as a producer in the electronic music scene. He has since released music on multiple labels and been mentioned in publications along the way. 

Beyond Dooley’s time spent in the studio chopping up samples, he likes to spend time in the kitchen chopping up vegetables as well! An enthusiastic chef with a love for traveling, Dooley enjoys hosting friends for dinner to play Catan or planning trips whenever possible. He also hosts his own podcast “The Real You” on occasion to talk about thoughts, ideas, and perspectives from the ‘ordinary’ in all of us. 

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