San Andrea "Hot Lemonade" Stand Single Release

San Andrea
3pm - 5pm


"In light of my release, myself, along with one of my best friends who is also featured playing guitar along with bass on Hot Lemonade, Paul Gutierrez, will be hosting a FREE “Hot Lemonade Stand” from 3:00PM until 5:00PM on Friday, July 24th. I will be also selling Hot Lemonade T-shirts, hats, stickers, posters, and keychains. We will be doing a special live performance at 4:00PM. Catch the show if you can, and if not still come buy to get some lemonade and some Merch too!"

Outside Location: 1700 Forest Street Pkwy, Denver, CO 80220

COVID-19 Note: Anyone NOT wearing a mask will be turned away. We also ask that you all respect 6 feet guidelines and maintain distance from your friends even if you haven’t seen them in a while! All merchandise purchasers will be required to stand in line (6 feet apart) and take a free Hand Sanitizer pump after! Also, no cash is accepted, only Venmo!

Donations: For the first 48 hours of release, 50% of merchandise sales and 100% of streaming will go to Youth on Record

If you would also like to contribute separately please Venmo me at @CarloRinconn and 100% of your generous offer will be contributed on behalf of the current San Andrea project.