Podcasting Mini-Camp

Podcasting Camp
June 8th - 10th | 10am - 3pm

Podcasting Mini-Camp

June 8-10

Location: Youth on Record | 1301 W. 10th Ave. Denver, CO 80204

Free in-person mini-camp for youth, ages 14-20.
Jade Simmons Podcast Interview

This 3-day program offers students the chance to produce original audio pieces while building skills in script-writing, storytelling, and audio production. 



All participants will be asked to wear a mask while in the space. We ask that all participants wash their hands prior to arrival, and maintain social distancing practices while in the space--this includes maintaining a distance of at least 3-feet from other participants, sitting in designated seats and following all safety protocol requests made during the program. Each student will be provided with designated computers and other production equipment to use while at camp to avoid the spreading of germs by way of sharing equipment. All participants will be asked to remain in the space for the duration of the program unless given explicit permission to leave and re-enter the space by a facilitator.

It is vital that all participants follow our safety protocols, including new and revised policies which may be introduced at any point deemed necessary by the YOR. Policies are intended to prevent a potential COVID-19 outbreak, and to use all available information to ensure the safety of our students, facilitators and communities.