Holiday RAWk 2019: featuring Shaun Don thA TRUTH

Shaun Don thA TRUTH


Tix are 25$, after selling 20, I will donate $2.50 per extra tix sold to YOR

Shaun Don thA TRUTH (Always Teach Resilience Utilizing The Heart) is an Artist, Educator, Father, MC, Poet, and Songwriter originally fromĀ Oakland, CA, later moving to Denver, CO, otherwise known as the Mile High. The natural Hip-Hoppa began writing lyrics in middle school while selling blow pops to friends during and after class at what was formerly called MLK, or the school where fights, infidelity, and discipline were juxtaposed in a myopic cyclone. A profound writer, urban intellectual, and spiritual wordsmith Shaun challenges the status quo with powerful lyrics that interrogate daily struggles and historical trauma. Please consider joining Shaun in the movement towards peace, forgiveness, and Truth.