FEMpowered. Worskhop

330pm - 630pm

Happy New Year! ... Lets start our year strong with Music and Community!

Poetry / Lyrics Workshop and Body Language in the Creative Industry Workshop w/ Monica Bolles of Resonant Interactions

Monica Bolles is a digital artist, audio engineer, and composer from Boulder, CO. Driven by her love of emerging sciences and her passion for the human experience she is constantly seeking ways to connect storytelling, music, dance, 3D audio, immersive projection, and new technologies to the artistic and human explorations of science and the dualities of nature. She has created and produced works that have been exhibited at the 140-channel speaker array at the Cube at Virginia Tech, the IMERSA Fulldome Summit, NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conference, and the Black Box Theater at ATLAS at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has been a working audio engineer for over nine years and was most recently located at Tippet Rise experimenting and recording classical music artists for 9.1 Auro3D playback. She is also a presenter and host of workshops in her field and has performed in this capacity at SXSW (2019) Ableton Loop (2018), IMERSA Summit (2013-2019), and NIME (2017-2018), among others. Currently she owns and operates her own company that designs and builds large scale immersive experiences.

For more information please contact Mona@YouthonRecord.org