January 20, 2023

Youth on Record Welcomes International Youth Ambassadors

It was a pleasure to host WorldDenver and the Youth Ambassadors at Youth on Record’s Youth Media Studio to enjoy a writing workshop this past December!

WorldDenver is a nonprofit community organization here in Denver that recently welcomed a group of youth from Latin America (Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama) this winter. These high school students joined WorldDenver’s Youth Ambassadors Program, which aims to develop a strong sense of civic responsibility, commitment to community development, and leadership skills in participants; and foster relationships among people from different backgrounds. 

While these young people were here in Denver, they participated in a vast array of service activities, school visits, cultural activities, and youth leadership development workshops with community partners. Youth on Record (YOR) was so excited to be one of these community partners for this group of 22 high school students. 

During the prepared writing workshop, we focused on using the five senses. I was blown away by the creativity and passion that these students brought to the task. Each one wrote a short piece about a favorite place or experience, using all five senses to bring their words to life. The students then had the opportunity to record their voices in our Youth Media Studio. It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives and experiences that each student brought to the table.

The youth were fully engaged in the workshop, and it was exciting to see them take their writing to the next level by using their storytelling oratory skills. It was a joy to watch their enthusiasm as they recorded their piece. For most of these youth, it was their first time in a recording studio and I’m proud to say that, with encouragement from their peers, everyone participated!

You can listen to these student projects by clicking here.

The Youth Ambassadors also had the opportunity to explore the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood where YOR resides and learn about its cultural history. One highlight of their visit was seeing the iconic mural by Emmanuel Martinez at the La Alma Recreation Center. The mural, which reflects the soul of the Westside community, was a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving cultural heritage. The youth also had the chance to fully explore our Youth Media studio, where they were able to play with all of our instruments. They had a blast jamming out and playing together, and even sang some karaoke songs.

Overall, it was a truly rewarding experience to work with these bright Youth Ambassadors, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of their journey.

WorldDenver’s time in Youth on Record was filled with a rich variety of activities and experiences that allowed them to learn, grow, and connect with one another.