March 23, 2023

Youth on Record Highlighted in the Office of Children's Affairs 2023 Youth Violence Prevention Plan 

The Office of Children’s Affairs (OCA) recently released their 2023 Youth Violence Prevention Plan, which has been prepared by the members of a large, multi-sector coalition called the Youth Violence Prevention Action Table (YVPAT). This is part of the OCA’s public health approach to youth violence, the emerging mental health crisis, and setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Youth on Record is featured on page 37 of the 2023 Youth Violence Prevention Plan, in a section called “Integrated Strategy Matrix,” which highlights 10 overarching strategies to serve the needs of Denver’s youth. The specific strategy highlighted where Youth on Record is featured is, “Share Data Across Systems.” Which underscores the importance of collaborative data sharing and communication between nonprofits and city partners (including public schools and law enforcement) to best serve young people. 

Our partnerships with Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools and our in-house counselor were underscored in their findings. 

Youth on Record is proud to share the full report with you, including comprehensive studies and findings from across the community. Check it out here. If you would like to support the work that YOR is doing and help us close our funding gap, please consider making a one time donation or become a monthly donor by clicking here