August 15, 2018

Why Big Gigantic chooses to support Youth on Record

Genesis / Marketing Intern

Youth on Record:  Why did you guys choose to donate money to Youth on Record?

Big Gigantic: “We LOVE what YOR is doing for kids in Colorado that don’t have access to music programs!”

Youth on Record: Why do you guys believe in helping nonprofits like Youth on Record?

Big Gigantic: “We started our foundation a few years ago with the intention of engaging our fans in projects around the country to help others in their community. Bringing people together to help their community is very important to us. We feel like that’s just part of your duty as a human being!”

Youth on Record: What do you feel is the importance of music in the lives of the youth?

Big Gigantic: “Music education in schools was pretty common when we were growing up. It’s so unfortunate and extremely frustrating it’s not that way anymore. We wouldn’t be the musicians we are without that education at a younger age. For many folks it’s the only creative outlet they get when they go to school and to have that taken away or not even an option is unacceptable in our eyes.”

Youth on Record: How has music impacted your lives?

Big Gigantic: “A LOT! Haha”

Youth on Record:  When you both were younger, would having a place like Youth on Record helped you?

Big Gigantic: “Having a place like YOR would have been amazing growing up! Luckily we both had strong musical communities and access to instruments so there was a sense of that but it was part of high school.”

Youth on Record: Would you guys ever be interested in putting on a show or event with the Youth on Record kids?

Big Gigantic: “Definitely!!!”

Youth on Record: If you could only use one word to describe Youth on Record, what would that word be?

Big Gigantic: “EXTRAORDINARY!”