July 31, 2018

Odell Brewing RiNo Brewhouse supports Youth on Record

Genesis / Marketing Intern

Youth on Record: Why did your business decide to choose Youth on Record as the non-profit they give back to for July?

Karla Baise - “I think that we have enjoyed a longer relationship with Youth on Record because some of the events that Youth on Record has been on. Someone reached out a while back to donate some beer to a couple of those events. I didn’t really know much about Youth on Record at the time, so it has been a really fun learning experience to hear about all the things that you guys provide for the community such music education and more. You guys really serve a lot of kids, and that’s such an amazing thing.”

Youth on Record: Why do you think it’s important that nonprofits like Youth on Record exist?

Karla Baise - “I think it’s extremely important that kids that feel forgotten have a place to go, so I think that this place that you have and the people who work with you provide a safe space for kids to come and express themselves. Expression is such a crucial thing for these kids. I think it’s great that Youth on Record provides safe places when kids can’t turn to school or home for it.”

Youth on Record: What role does music play in your business?

Karla Baise - “Music is huge with breweries! I feel that one makes the other better. If you’re enjoying a pint but listening to bad music, you’re probably gonna leave. But if you’re enjoying a pint and listening to good music, it just makes that beer so much better. I definitely think they go hand in hand. Since I’ve been a coworker at Odell Brewing, we’ve always had good music in the tap room in Fort Collins. This has been an extraordinary experience for me because when I worked there I got to listen to great music while pouring beer. We’re starting to really explore music in our new River-North tap room, so not only do we support music in the arts because we think it’s a great stabilizer but we enjoy music and the arts too."

Youth on Record: Would Odell Brewing ever be interested in having a student perform?

Karla Baise - “You know I have asked, but the first reaction was we don’t have the licensing to have them play at River-North. I would really like to explore that, though. As you probably know Youth on Record is getting our July tips, so this month I get to go in to the tap room and talk about you guys. I asked if we could have Youth on Record students this month, but we just don’t have the licensing. There are probably students that have graduated and are over 21, so it might be interesting to explore if we can get them in there.”

Youth on Record: Why is music important to you?

Karla Baise - “Oh--man. There have been stages in my life where music has been crucial. There were periods of growth where I didn’t feel connected to people in my life, so music helped me feel less lonely because other people were going through what I was. I actually thought that I would be a musician, and I still privately am. *haha* I encourage my kids to enjoy music as well.”

Youth on Record: Is there a different way you or your business might like to support Youth on Record?

Karla Baise - “I feel that goes back to a previous question, so again, beer and music go together so well. I think it would be great for Youth on Record to be the recipient for our barrell guitar raffle. I also think it would be nice to put on an event with Youth on Record. That would be cool.”

Youth on Record: What is your favorite thing about Youth on Record?

Karla Baise - “I’ve really enjoyed working with Andrea; I think that your multifaceted sort of learning sphere is incredible. This place is also super inclusive--I feel included when I walk in here, and it’s not built for me. I can’t imagine being a young person and coming here to, and making it my own. To know that there is an absolute state of  the art studio in the back is incredible. Kudos to you.”

Youth on Record: What word would you use to describe Youth on Record?

Karla Baise - “I would say “Dynamic” because I think that includes creativity and innovation.  All those things make for a strong nonprofit particularly one that’s so ingrained in community and being part of the neighborhood.”

Youth on Record: If you had to pick a song to describe Youth on Record, what would that song be?

Karla Baise - “That’s a good one! I’m gonna go with “This Must be the Place” by the Talking Heads.”

Youth on Record: What do you love most about your job?

Karla Baise - “Oh my gosh, I think that my job is the coolest job. I work in an industry that I love--I find craft beer to be so fun and engaging and inclusive. I get to take these things that I love into our engagement in the community, so I get to say thank you for supporting us and this is what we’re gonna do to give back.”

Youth on Record: What band are you listening to right now?

Karla Bais - “I would say if I were to turn on my itunes right now Parquet Court would be there. They’re like a hipster brooklyn kind of band. They’re fun and nerdy.”