January 4, 2021

Meet Tyler, the Creative.

Tell us about Tyler, the Creative?

Tyler, the Creative is an independently owned and operated PR, events and marketing company that offers affordable services to musicians, podcaster and other creatives alike. We operate in Denver, Salt Lake City and beyond.

How did you get your start?

The business bloomed when I left my role as Music Editor at 303 Magazine. I wanted to continue my work in independent music and journalism which is how Tyler, the Creative was born

What’s on your playlist right now?

Everything that Kevin Morby has ever made.

Did you go to college? What was your degree? 

Virginia Commonwealth University — BA in Religious Studies with minors in both Media Studies and Business Studies.

Why are you a Music Ambassador for Youth on Record?

I've worked with YOR many times in the past and have always felt such inspiration from the non-profit organization. They're a staple in the Colorado music community and I can only hope to support them in making their mark on Denver youth.

What artists inspire you and why?

I've always felt such inspiration from Kevin Morby. First, because of his poetic-like songs and second, because they spark inspiration within myself. Also, Fiona Apple. She continues to mesmerize me more and more with each release. I also think she's supporting some inspirational trends like recognizing the indigenous reservations she recorded her most recent album on instead of US states.

Would your 16-year-old self like the music you listen to now?

I don't think my 16-year-old self would like the music I listen to now, but my 29-year-old self still loves the music I listened to when I was 16.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Ice cream

Favorite local restaurant?


What’s your favorite Colorado venue?

It's a toss-up between Ophelia's and Milk Bar for a dance party. Bluebird for a full concert.

Where will your future growth come from?

The support of the local industry. My business can only stay afloat with clients that trust in me to get the word out about their music.

What has brought you the most fulfillment in your life?

When I worked with 303 Magazine, I printed two compilation albums on vinyl in collaboration with Vinyl Me, Please. The records (which also benefit YOR) were a passion project for me that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do in my lifetime.

What do you wish your younger self had known about career that you know today?

I've always loved music, but I didn't always know I wanted to work in music. I wish that my younger — ambitious and creative — self had come to that realization earlier to get a head start on education and the ins-and-outs of the industry.

What would you like to be remembered for?

At the end of the day, being a nice person.

Anything else you want to share?

Be sure to check out The Mazlows' new record on vinyl! For every purchase, we have a donor matching $24 to Youth on Record!

Where can we find you?

tyler-thecreative.com and facebook.com/tylerthecreative


Be sure to join us for Stay Home Silent Disco #2 presented by Tyler, the Creative on Friday, January 8, 2021 from 9pm - 10:30pm MT!