October 14, 2019

Meet Mona Magno

Mona Magno wears a few different hats at Youth on Record. She runs the YOR girls program, FEMpowered, she is a Teaching Artist and she is the Co-Host on the My Youth on Record podcast.

Outside of her work at YOR she is a songwriter who leads her own band under the name, Monalicious. She had been writing and performing for 10 years and being a musician is at the core of all her creative work.


Beyond being a musician, Mona runs FreeMusicForFreePeople (FM4FP), a Denver community and media company. FM4FP has been active within the Denver music scene since 2013 and this year has been making some big moves. 

The branches of FM4FP include: 

Events, striving to foster community and creativity through producing events that inspire, excite and engage participants. 

FreePeopleTV, a network that believes music communities have stories to tell.

Free People Records, a label that specializes in manufacturing Trading Cards / Download Cards and offering a spotlight to the amazing Denver music scene.

Services, including Music Business Consultation and Street Team Support.

On the side of her work with YOR, FM4FP and her band - Mona is involved with many local projects and currently co-organizes for one of Denver’s music industry meet-ups called Balanced Breakfast (BB). BB is an international networking organization that strives to foster community in local and national music scenes.e

As you can tell Mona has devoted herself immensely to the Denver music community and working at YOR has played a significant role in her growth as a leader. She looks forward to seeing where all her efforts will take her and feels grateful for where life has brought her so far.