October 22, 2019

Meet Desmond aka UVOGIN

Desmond Dukes aka UVOGIN is a local Denver artist creating cosmic waves with his melodic beats and vowel driven vocal style! Originally from Texas, he recently travelled to Colorado to pursue his music career. He has a love for Japanese culture, and has been learning about their history and customs since he was a kid. He has been participating in Youth on Record's program, Open Lab, since 2018. He has been a provider of positive energy in the space, invoking jam sessions and collaborating with other youth. He has been learning Ableton and producing his own beats for his latest Japanese influenced project. He has recently released his first EP named Ai 愛 and it’s on all streaming platforms. The song was composed and written solely by Desmond aka UVOGIN and the lyrics are mostly in Japanese. Be sure to check out this unique, flowy track and all of UVOGIN’s music. 


Open lab is a free after school program for musicians / artists that are interested in producing music, song writing, recording songs, audio engineering and playing instruments. Our Youth Media Studio is a safe space for youth to strengthen their creative skills and collaborate with a community of young musicians.

Open Lab 

Wednesday & Friday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Open Lab Facebook group 

To participate in our program drop by during Open Lab hours to get registered.

If you have any questions please email Jesus Rodriguez: Jesus@youthonrecord.org