April 30, 2018

Guitar Center Offers Ongoing Support for YOR’s Mission

Lindsay Frankel

Since the beginning, and especially in the last few years, Youth on Record has been fortunate to receive support and contributions from Guitar Center. Most recently, Guitar Center donated over $1,100 in equipment, including speakers and microphones. It’s a natural partnership, given their supply of instruments and equipment, along with their ongoing focus on music education. Tony Buffalo, who has been the district manager for GC in Colorado for the last 18 years, says that he enjoys providing support in the form of gift cards and equipment donations.                    

“I think it’s just a wonderful mission YOR is on, providing another opportunity for kids to learn how to play music and discover their passion for music making… We need more musicians and support for the music community in the world. It’s fun and a healthy activity with wonderful benefits for kids. I feel fortunate to be a part of it,” said Buffalo.

Music has had a profound impact on Buffalo’s life since childhood. “I remember when I was 6 years old and my dad calling me out to the TV set that night to watch the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. My father was a Big Band Leader… Vito Buffalo and his Orchestra. Music has always been around me,” Buffalo explained. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music from Illinois State University and played in several bands before discovering the Guitar Center opportunity, which he says led to a great career.

Guitar Center’s commitment to music education is reflected in the private instrument and recording lessons GC offers, along with its free workshops. Buffalo noted that the curriculum is customized and flexible and the teachers are experienced and passionate about music.  “We have tiered status achievement levels, rock jams, and regular recitals to motivate our students and create a fun learning environment. We hold Open Houses, where you can meet instructors and try a free lesson. We provide all the gear in our studios. We even offer free group classes for guitar, ukulele, and recording.”

Anyone is welcome to drop in for regularly scheduled group classes, which include options for seniors and kids, as well as a monthly women’s guitar night. They’re always free, and GC will even loan you an instrument to use if you don’t have one of your own. You can check out the schedule here.

In addition to the quality gear and instruments you’ll find for sale in Guitar Center’s stores, rentals are available, and Buffalo said it’s a simple process to rent. “We review the equipment, and help load out to your vehicle. There’s a form to sign and a small security deposit, and you’re good to go. You can rent by the day, weekend, week, or the month.” There’s even an insurance waiver available, so you won’t be responsible for damages.

Buffalo said Guitar Center strives to meet the music needs of all customers. “We’re are on a mission to help all musicians find their sound. My goal is to make sure our stores are Edu-Taining… meaning, every time you shop in our stores, you love the experience… It’s way more fun than shopping online!” Customer service is highly valued at Guitar Center, and Buffalo is committed to exceeding customer expectations. He invites any suggestions for improvement and can be reached at tbuffalo@guitarcenter.com.  

Youth on Record is grateful for Guitar Center’s ongoing support and shared mission for making music education accessible to youth.


Guitar Center Donation
Guitar Center Donation
Guitar center Donation
Guitar center Donation