November 12, 2019

A glimpse into CHSC

I currently teach music at Colorado High School Charter GES, with the homie Kalyn Heffernan.  As winter sets in, the room feels warmer by the day as the students, Kalyn & I get to know one another and learn communally.

Despite what google.maps may tell you, Colorado High School Charter is located in Northeast Denver, just a whiff away from the Purina factory. Unlike classes at the Colorado High School Charter Osage campus, which occur each day at the Youth Media Studio, the endless array of musical equipment available at our headquarters isn’t available for daily use in class—a simple matter of proximity. 

What came of this is really dope. Rather than the relatively narrow style of final I have generally used in the past, this quarter each student will select their own arena of musicality to study, learn and create with. The fleaky new-equipment generously purchased by CHSC, while not numerous enough for each student to utilize individually for the duration of the course, is more than enough to learn on, and to offer those students who are particularly interested in learning piano, recording or production the opportunity to practice these skills. Additionally, the freedom found in this situation allows those more interested in singing, rapping, or table-top percussion an entryway into music and self-expression with which they joy and freedom of learning may be found.