YOR Sessions Vol. 3
YOR Sessions Vol. 3

ONE - Making Movies, La Verdad

TWO - Magic Giant, Hideaway  

THREE - Anacron, Hashtag Feat. Southsyde Slymm, Mike Wird, Melissa Maugeri

FOUR - Viretta, Amuleta 

FIVE - Tebe Zalango, Mind over Matter Feat. Zanib

SIX - Brent Cowles, The Fold 

SEVEN - Chicharra, Alloy Feat. Michelle Rocqet & Joshua Trinidad

EIGHT - Kid Astronaut, Purple Limon Sky Feat. Bianca Mikahn

NINE - HR People, Skinny Legs 

TEN - The Wooks, Tom Ames' Prayer 

ELEVEN - RVIVR, Rainspell 

TWELVE - Ozomatli, Youth Jam 

Shout out to Jesus Rodriguez, our amazing Program Coordinator and in house audio engineer for sprinkling your magic on the album!

Shout out to Kalyn Heffernan for sharing your creative talent and creating our cover!