Ron Gallardo

Vice President

Joined October 22, 2019

Ron Gallardo

Ron has over 30 years of educational experience, with the majority of his time working with at-
risk students and community education programs. With over 15 of those years as a high school
administrator at both Adams City High School and Northridge High School in Weld County
School District 6, Ron is focused on empowering youth to create a better and brighter future for
themselves and their communities. He also brings his experience of working with community
groups and non-profit agencies, including:

  • Servicios de la Raza – Volunteer
  • Escuela Tlateloco – Administrator/Teacher
  • Summer Youth Education and Training Program – Teacher/Program Manager
  • Mayors Youth Education and Training – Teacher/Program Manager
  • Jr Achievement Rocky Mtn – (Awarded National Recognition for Latino Outreach)
  • Access Housing – Director
  • Commerce City Enviro-Teens – Director/Volunteer
  • Adams County Youth Initiative – Board Member (5/2014 to 7/2017)
  • Youth on Record – Volunteer
  • Rock the Earth - Volunteer

Ron recently completed work as a consultant for Adams 12 schools as an at-risk youth mentor
--working with the Adams County Youth Initiative to develop data-driven programs to increase
attendance and educational resources for youth. Ron’s passion has always included music and
after his recent retirement he aspires to start performing again. He feels that the arts are
invaluable in bridging learning gaps and are relevant in focusing on the whole student and their
success in today’s world.

Ron holds degrees from University of Colorado Boulder (MA/Education and BA in Music
Education) as well as a Colorado administrative license. He has traveled extensively in Mexico,
Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras to photograph the beauty of the countries and experience
their various arts, music and cultures.

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