Jeevee Balangan

Teaching Artist

Joined September 5, 2023


Jeevee is a versatile talent in the world of music, excelling as a Vocalist, Pianist, Songwriter, and beat-maker, demonstrating unwavering dedication and exceptional skill. Growing up in a musical family, he cultivated his vocal prowess through participation in numerous competitions, carving a path enriched by diverse musical experiences across genres such as Pop, R&B, Gospel, Musical Theater, and Classical music. This journey has profoundly shaped his musical identity.

Jeevee’s academic journey is equally impressive. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Colorado Denver, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business and Commercial Vocal Performance. He continued his pursuit of excellence at the Commercial Music Voice Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory, where he benefited from expert faculty guidance, including his newfound mentorship of Marcelle Gauvin, an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music.

His commitment to musical excellence is underscored by numerous grants and scholarships, including the Donna Bogard Scholarship for Voice, the prestigious Mike Barney Scholarship for Gifted Music Students, and the Transformative Industries' "Artist of Color" grant.

Jeevee’s musical journey also includes valuable mentorship from award-winning music director Dr. Erin Hackel, Metro State University Director of Opera Gene Roberts, Gospel Musician Dr. Michael Williams, and Bay Area Teacher, the late Minda Azarcon. Additionally, he collaborated with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, a renowned figure in the dance world, enriching his multifaceted musical identity and expertise.

Furthermore, Jeevee founded Samonte Productions, an artist development company, where he offers invaluable guidance to emerging talents. Under his mentorship, his students have achieved notable milestones, including appearances on "The Voice" (Season 19), competitive placements in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition, and admissions to prestigious institutions like Berklee College of Music, CU Boulder, U Northern Colorado, UC Santa Barbara, and the Denver School of the Arts.

Across a career characterized by excellence and a dedication to nurturing emerging talent, Jeevee's journey has not only shaped his personal musical identity but has also served as a source of inspiration and mentorship for aspiring artists. This profound influence leaves an enduring mark on every individual who crosses his path.