Macenzie Clayton, AKA Mz.MacVine9


Macenzie Clayton, A.K.A Mz.MacVine9 is an artist from Aurora, Colorado, that majorly focuses on the culture and community in her city. She's been creating in Denver/Aurora since 2020 and is skilled in production, DJing, songwriting, dancing and photography. She believes that we serve the things we love, and she loves creating things that give people joy, while also making them think and feel something meaningful about the world around us. This is the focus of her art, as she says she hopes to help create a culture and community more unified and unique than ever before.

Mz.MacVine9 currently has a single and album collaboration set to release early November 2023 with other Denver/Aurora artists, and is also gearing up for many DJ sets and photography collaborations to come.