Kathleen Solana McDowell

Kathleen Solana McDowell is an instrumentalist and engineer who has played bass in many jazzy-rock bands such as Solfedge and Youth in the Booth. In 2019, Kathleen played bass for a band in the Youth on Record block party. She also is working on playing piano, violin, and harmonica. 

While she still enjoys playing music with other people, Kathleen’s current focus is behind the scenes with music. Kathleen has gotten quite a bit of recording and mixing experience during her internship at Youth on Record in 2018 and 2019 as well as assisted with live sound at several venues such as The Mercury Cafe, Chimney Place, and the Pepsi Center through internships with organizations such as Free Music for Free People and SoundGirls. She is also looking to be well versed in the business aspects of music such as marketing, communication and management. Kathleen is still  quite young, so it is exciting where she will go in the music industry.