Itchy-O's ~ H a L L O W M a S S | 2019



ITCHY-O returns to Summit Denver for Hallowmass 2019

57-member music collective celebrates fifth year of participatory performance and ceremony
DENVER, CO (July 10, 2019) – Multisensory group Itchy-O returns to the Summit Music Hall for their annual Hallowmass performance and offertory Thurs., Oct. 31 and Fri., Nov. 1.

Now entering its fifth year, the annual event packs all the otherworldly elements standard with an itchy-O experience – percussion, high-voltage, pyrotechnics, pandemonium – and invites the audience to take part in a sacramental shrine-building process.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a memento of someone past, present or future to offer up to an altar erected and attended by the ceremonial experts from Ritualcravt. These items will then be respectfully burned in a public All Souls After-Ceremony (location TBA) November 2nd also conducted by Ritualcravt.

A portion of proceeds from the show will also benefit Denver-based music education nonprofit, Youth on Record.

Fellow interdimensional travelers Magic Sword mix fuzzed-out electronic foundations into soaring anthems, while PPL MVR wield wild and destructive performances like an axe and are best described as “sasquatch rock." Magic Sword (10/31) and PPL MVR (11/1).

Presenters include Twist & Shout Records, Colorado Public Radio's Indie1023, Meow Wolf Denver, Do303, Suspect Press, Ritualcravt, and Birdy.

Service-Fee-Free Hard Tickets are available at Mutiny Information Cafe, City, O' City and online.
Early purchase is encouraged, as this show will sell out.

Thurs., Oct 31 and Fri., Nov. 1
Summit Music Hall
w/Magic Sword (10/31), PPL MVR (11/1)

$25 advance, $30 day-of; $40 two-night pass
Doors: 8 p.m.
Summit Music Hall, 1902 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202

FOR TICKETS: or available locally in Denver at Mutiny Information Cafe, City O' City, and the Summit Denver box office.