Collaborative Music and Good Vibes

Collaborative Music & Good Vibes
February 23rd - March 30th - every Tuesday from 4pm - 5pm

Collaboration has always been at the heart of musical creation. From the most ancient musical traditions of our prehistoric ancestors, to the present-day collaborations (which usually even shape the work of our favorite ‘solo-artists,’ music has always manifested most loudly when people have come together to create it. Music has also served an essential role in the lives of every human culture and society known to man.

At a time when unprecedented obstacles to creativity, collaboration, and social life have emerged, this workshop is dedicated to discovering and experiencing new ways of satisfying these human needs, using the tools we have available to us.

More specifically, this 6-part workshop series is dedicated to experiencing the joys of making music, together, in community. Students of all skill and experience levels are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Throughout the workshops, we will explore a variety of music-creation techniques, and learn a bit about how they were developed and utilized in the face of unique challenges faced by the communities that created them.

In addition to using modern versions of these same techniques, we will explore a range of less conventional tools—from new technologies, to the things in our homes, to our own bodies, minds, and experiences—can be utilized in innovative ways to navigate our unique challenges (such as creating and collaborating in a socially-distanced world).

Above all, this workshop series is aimed at sharing in the experience of creating music with one another!

We will meet every Tuesday at 4:00 PM for six weeks in a row (Feb. 23rd-March 30th).

After our sixth week, a new 4-part or 6-part workshop series, on a different topic, with a different guest artist will take its place, and so on. Open to anyone between the ages of 14-20.

For more information on this workshop series, feel free to email the Teaching Artist facilitator (Elijah) at the following address: