January 24, 2024

Where are they now? Catching up with Youth on Record Graduate, Ashley Nova!

In our "Where are they now?" content series, we're catching up with Youth on Record graduates to see what they've been up to since they graduated from our programs and to reflect on their time at YOR! 











Meet Ashley Nova, a former Youth on Record fellow, intern, and program participant! Ashley is in three bands, Dead Boyfriend, Pill Joy, and her newest band, Heartbreak Machine. She's also a visual artist and maker. Follow her on Instagram @deathissexy. 

Q: How did you find out about Youth on Record? What programs were you involved in?

A: I found out about Youth on Record through my mom, who saw an ad for FEMpowered in the newspaper. I gave it a shot one day and it has led to so many amazing opportunities! 

Q: What skills, opportunities, and possibilities did your time as a Youth on Record student unlock for you? 
A: I was able to meet many like-minded femme musicians and artists through FEMpowered, then was able to be a part of the Fellowship twice (in 2019 and 2021). Through that, I got to design some shirts for the YOR Block Party, play cool shows, and I have met a few of my current-day bandmates through YOR.

Q: Where are you now? How has your creativity, your career, and your sense of confidence grown?
A: I'm currently in 3 bands! Dead Boyfriend, Pill Joy, and my new band, Heartbreak Machine! I just released a self-recorded EP called 'it's just bad news' with my band Dead Boyfriend, and last year we released our full studio recorded album 'battle of carthage!' We have also gotten to play UMS twice! With Pill Joy I've gotten to play all around Denver in venues I've been wanting to for a very long time (Hi Dive, Skylark, Roxy, D3, etc.). It feels great to have such confidence and creative energy that I can put into my work, leagues above how I felt even just 4 years ago! 

Q: How did your Youth on Record experiences support you on your journey? 
A: For me, being able to network with so many creatives in the scene and being able to work on my craft and showcase it in a very warm and welcoming environment was key for me being able to do all the fun things I'm able to do today! 

We're always rooting for you Ashley! <3