About Audio Arts

Our Audio Arts program and paid podcasting internships give youth the chance to explore podcasting, radio, and sonic art through hands-on learning in the field and in the studio. Young creatives ages 18-24 have the opportunity to produce original audio pieces while developing skills in writing, interviewing, storytelling, and audio production.

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underground at the showcase
Underground at the Showcase

Underground Music Showcase is Denver's longest and largest music festival, featuring nearly 150 bands performing over three days on S. Broadway. Recorded live at Mutiny Information Cafe and hosted by Colorado youth, Underground at the Showcase features interviews with festival performers like Ramakhandra, Bluebook, Schama Noel, Immigrant's Child, and Tres Leches (among others). This podcast offers listeners moments of levity, reflection, and inspiration through conversations about songwriting, motivation, community, family, and the return of live music in a post-covid world. Underground at the Showcase is an official podcast of the Underground Music Showcase.

generation collaboration
Generation Collaboration

Generation Collaboration is a youth-led podcast amplifying young people's voices across the state of Colorado. Our Season 2 hosts, Litzy Vasquez and Emanuel Morales-Gomez, are high school students with a passion for storytelling and learning from their community.

In each episode, they connect with local leaders, discussing their work, critical issues in the state, and how to address change across generations. Generation Collaboration is produced in partnership with Colorado Young Leaders and Youth on Record with support from CiviCO.

My Youth on Record logo
My Youth on Record (MYOR)

Every artist starts somewhere. Some made music in their basements and some wrote love songs in their biology notebooks. Others were obsessed with that one mind-blowing band who seemed to write music just for them. At some point, they all felt inspired to make their own music.

My Youth on Record (MYOR) is a podcast where artists share the music they created as teens and the stories behind the songs.

My Youth on Record Interrupted logo
My Youth on Record | Interrupted

My Youth on Record Interrupted is a podcast where artists share how their personal, professional, and creative lives are transforming in the time of coronavirus.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you stories, observations, and interviews from community artists who - like you - are experiencing the unprecedented, the mundane, the absurd, and the interrupted daily life in a world that changed nearly overnight.

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