In-School Classes

2023-2024 School Partners:

  • Colorado High School Charter taught by Heather Hunt 

  • Compass Academy taught by Jeevee Balangan 

  • Aurora West College Preparatory Academy taught by Caleb Tardio

  • Vista Peak Preparatory taught by Vonna Wolf

  • Prep Academy taught by Jelie Jones

Current Class Offerings:

Music Production
Students learn the basics of digital music production and build an appreciation for the historical-cultural significance represented in various musical genres. Students will build their own beat and explore the music industry.

Modern Ensemble: Our classroom has become an engaging environment where hands-on, instrument-based learning inspires creativity and teamwork. Students will gain the ability to play and explore music in a contemporary way. Through a vision of equity and developing a pioneering curriculum, we aim to introduce our innovative program to students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring everyone can access the enriching world of 21st-century music education.

Students learn basic song structure and music technology fundamentals to create a platform of self-expression. This course can be offered as an alternative to creative writing.

Identity, Power, & Music
This course will develop students' socio-political consciousness in their connections to local and national history through the lens of music. We focus on social justice, social change, and music as historical data.