FEMpowered. Mixtape

Check out the FEMpowered Mixtape Vol. 1 - now available on Bandcamp!

This collaborative project is the final product of a summer long deep dive into writing, recording and releasing music professionally. The participants of FEMpowered wrote new songs, collaborated with each other and collectively conquered this project. We are so excited to share all our hard work with the coomunity. 

Be sure to check out the “Trading Card / Download Code” in the FEMpowered Bandcamp store!

These cards were designed by a few FEMpowered participants who are featured on the mixtape.

Edgar's Student Project
Original Student Music!

This is Edgar's final project for the Audio Production 1 course at Legacy Options High school. The students were asked to compose an original song including loops, MIDI, song elements, song structure, automation, and an original sample. Edgar chose pieces from Che Guevara's speech in 1964. You can find more information on his speech here.