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Levi Vigil in the MAC Lab
Music Production & Recording Studio Sessions

A free program for creatives interested in producing, songwriting, recording, audio engineering, and playing music

Young Creative Fems

This community group provides free workshops and the space for young fems to shape and pursue their own artistic visions.

Special Workshops at Youth on Record
Special Workshops

Youth on Record offers a variety of special workshops throughout the year from songwriting to music licensing.


Explore podcasting, radio, and sonic art through hands-on learning in the field and in the studio.

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We have free events Tuesday - Saturday open to ages 14-20

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The Art Making Track

Art Making 

Health and Wellness Track

Health and Wellness 

Career Advancement Track

Career Advancement Track 

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We have compiled a list of resources for you, from all ages venues, jobs, mental wellness resources and more!

Founding Our Future
Youth Perform in partnership with The Kennedy Center and YOR