For-Credit Classes

2022-2023 School Partners:

  • Aurora Central High School - Identity Power & Music - Taught by Assetou Xango

  • Colorado High School Charter - GES Campus - Youth Music Ecosystem - Taught by Babah Fly

  • Colorado High School Charter - Osage Campus - Music Production and Identity Power & Music - Taught by Devin Urioste 

  • Compass Academy - Music Production - Taught by JuiceBox of Paradise

  • Legacy Options High School - Identity Power & Music and Song Writing - Taught by Avery Jacob

  • Robert Smith STEAM Academy - Music Production and Identity Power & Music - Taught by Devin Urioste 

  • Vista Peak Preparatory - Music Production - Taught by Vonna Wolf

  • American Indian School​​​​​ - Music Production - Taught by Vonna Wolf

Current Class Offerings:

Music Production
Students learn the basics of digital music production and build an appreciation for the historical-cultural significance represented in various musical genres. Students will build their own beat and explore the music industry.

Music Appreciation
This intro level course will support students in exploring the modern music landscape. The class is intended to expand their musical horizons and discuss relevant music culture and events both historic and current. 

Students learn basic song structure and music technology fundamentals to create a platform of self-expression. This course can be offered as an alternative to creative writing.

Identity, Power, & Music
This course will develop students' socio-political consciousness in their connections to local and national history through the lens of music. We focus on social justice, social change, and music as historical data.