Our programs are designed, in part, to create positive educational and job training opportunities,  both at school and outside of school, through engaging, transformative music education that prepares teens for college and creative careers.  

Our strategy combines providing 1.) engaging, in-school coursework, 2.) out-of-school-time (OST) opportunities for teens, and 3.) advanced job skills training at our state-of-the-art music facility. Our for-credit courses – which are the inroad to Youth on Record’s OST programming–  are designed to motivate young people to attend class and graduate on-time. Students who appear to be at-risk of dropping out of school and who are engaging in destructive behaviors are identified by their school teachers and administrators, and are strongly encouraged to enroll in YOR programming as part of their Individual Education Plans. 

    August 2016 Program Evaluation Report
    Control Room
    2016-2017 School Partners
    • Academy of Urban Learning
    • CEC Middle College
    • Colorado High School Charter
    • Collegiate Prep Academy
    • Florence Crittenton 
    • Lincoln Respect Academy
    • Manual high school
    • Mapleton Public Schools - North Valley School for Young Adults
    • Rise Up
    Tracking Room
    2015-2016 School Partners 
    • Venture Prep
    • Lincoln Respect Academy 
    • Colorado High School Charter
    • PREP Academy
    • Emily Griffith High School
    • Academy of Urban Learning