Class of 2018

Shaun Dowdell


Shaun Don thA TRUTH (Always Teach Resilience Utilizing The Heart) is an Artivist, MC, and Poet. Born in Oakland, CA, Shaun grew up with Bay Area Soundz, Kulture, and Heart. He’s a natural Hip-Hoppa who began writing lyrics in middle school while selling blow pops to friends during and after class. He has always been an entrepreneur. Shaun is motivated by the dynamic talent of his mentors, friends, and collaborative partners, most of whom reside in Denver, CO. Shaun's first memory of Hip Hop came from Tupac's hits to his mom and her friends.  He inherited his family's sailor mouth with a strong appetite for Social Justice and Art. He is a profound writer, urban intellectual, and spiritual wordsmith who challenges the status quo with powerful lyrics that interrogate daily struggles and historical trauma. Shaun creates timeless Hip Hop classics that remind us the good ole days never left.