Class of 2018

Israel Juarez


Israel Juarez, better known as I$REAL, is a true poetic creative writer dedicated to change in the community through his influential music, positive lyrics, and creative mindset.  Born and bred in the Baker neighborhood of Denver. Israel has seen Denver’s Westside change dramatically, but is not afraid of it, and is looking forward to taking advantage of what is going on in this rapidly developing city.  Israel’s musical influences include Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Drake, Nas, Miles Davis and his Denver collaborator Kingdom.  As he pursues his educational goals, Israel is an extremely valued intern, friend, and family member of Youth on Record and employee of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. I$REAL has recently performed for a sold-out crowd at Marquis Theatre, at the Gypsy House Café and other Denver venues, and at the Aspen Institute in front of international business leaders and stakeholders.  Israel was also awarded a Real Rock Star Award by Youth on Record in 2016.  Israel is striving to create the Denver hip hop sound.  In his words, the Denver music scene he will inherit will be a diverse one, full of “lyrical skill, poetry, and a crazy methodology for creation.”  Israel takes pride in his writing skill and ability to grow.  Israel mentors a lot of people around him, and believes that he will be the voice of the city and influence millions with his craft, talent, beauty, and soul.