My Youth on Record Interrupted
MYOR Interrupted

My Youth on Record Interrupted is a podcast where artists share how their personal, professional, and creative lives are transforming in the time of coronavirus

We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you stories, observations, and interviews from community artists who - like you - are experiencing the unprecedented, the mundane, the absurd and the interrupted daily life in a world that changed nearly overnight.

My Youth on Record
MYOR Podcast

My Youth on Record (MYOR) is a podcast where artists share the music they created as teens, and the stories behind the songs.

Every artist starts somewhere. Some made music in their basements, and wrote love songs in their biology notebooks. Others were obsessed with that one mind-blowing band who seemed to write music just for them. At some point, they all felt inspired to make their own music.

FEMpowered Mixtape
FEMpowered. Mixtape

Check out the FEMpowered Mixtape Vol. 1 - now available on Bandcamp!

This collaborative project is the final product of a summer long deep dive into writing, recording and releasing music professionally. The participants of FEMpowered wrote new songs, collaborated with each other and collectively conquered this project. We are so excited to share all our hard work with the coomunity. 

Be sure to check out the “Trading Card / Download Code” in the FEMpowered Bandcamp store!

These cards were designed by a few FEMpowered participants who are featured on the mixtape.

YOR Sessions Vol. 1
The Music

Our Live Compilation album not only features the eclectic styles from artists across the US and Haiti, but producing the album gave our students the opportunity to learn all aspects of the recording arts.

We have three amazing compilations albums out - take a listen here

Learn more about each individual album here

YOR Sessions Volume 1

YOR Sessions Volume 2

YOR Sessions Volume 3