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Music Matters March
March 1st - March 31st
Youth on Record

The 2nd Annual Music Matters March - 2020 (this campaign is the whole month of March!)

Every $1 Makes a Difference and local venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, are coming together to make a difference for the whole month of March! Did you know Youth on Record is serving over 1200 students each year?

You can Make your Direct Donation, by clicking here

Check out some highlights about Youth on Record here 

How are venues and small businesses contributing?

Venues and small businesses are showing their support in the following ways:

  • donations from $.25-$1.00 from ticket sales or the door
  • donate a % from the month, a special drink or food
  • some artists performing have chosen to match the $.25-$1.00 from their own ticket sales and have joined our Music Ambassador Program 
  • donation buckets behind the bars / counter
  • add YOR as a donation line on your credit card receipts 
  • running a raffle at the show
  • others are making a direct donation
  • Or....Get Creative and let us know what ideas you have!

How cool is this!
Make sure you support these venues in the month of March as they are all supporting Youth on Record!

Venues and Businesses Confirmed for 2020


Check out our most recent Infographic with some updated stats and successes here!

Interested in joining in the fun? Email Andrea Viarrial-Murphy at 

Music Matters March Sponsorship and Marketing Deck

Check out our Deck which highlights all the different ways businesses are getting involved in this fundraising campaign!